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This is the personal website of Jollyswoosh! To find out more about them, please see the "About Me" section to your left :>

Here you will find a scattered amalgamation of things that I make and like. We've got "art," """writing,""" and any number of other projects of dubious merit! Like many, I came to Neocities to escape the doom scrolling and manufactured FOMO of social media. This is my self care. This is my shrine to myself and I refuse to be called frivolous for making one. I'm not here to be a product. I'm not here to make money. I have no intention to conduct myself in a packaged, consumable way. I'm gonna have fun! And I'm not gonna let Big Tech take the internet away from me.

Update Log

6/15/2022 Writing Page is live! Has a background and a bit of a theme and a color pallet/temporary header. No content just yet, but I'll get there soon.

6/11/2022: I've decided it's time to keep a proper update log! I made this website about 2 weeks ago now, I think, and in that time I've completed my Homepage, done some set-up on my Art and Links pages, and added some proper links to said Links page. From this point on I'll just add more entries to this log as further changes occur!