Behold, the parts of the internet I recommend and visit. Click around and see what you like :>

  • Marginalia -- A search engine that focuses on bringing up results that would get buried in a normal google search. Haven't used it much yet, but I'm intrigued!

  • SomaFM -- Internet radio of the independent, listerner-supported, commercial-free variety. Another new website for me, but I like the cut of its jib.

  • Monster Land -- Have some fun! Help draw an exquistite corpse with strangers on the internet :D

  • Kid Pix Studio on -- There are other online options for Kid Pix, but this one is my favorite, despite the emulation having some hiccups. There is no in-built way to save what you make to your computer, so I suggest taking a screen shot and copy/pasting it into paint. Great way to make some Vaporwave style art or just have a little fun!

  • Melonland Forum -- An old-school forum to post about general interests and the web revival in specific! A very fun little community.

  • Cinni's Oekaki Board -- Remember Oekaki? Head over here to do a bit of drawing and share with friends and strangers alike!